Sunday, April 11, 2004

Peaceful Change and Uncle Rupert 

Peaceful Change and Uncle Rupert

In The News
"Uncle Rupert", a novel that brings together memories and thoughts on growing up, finding freedom and "battling for the battlers", is now available at -


UNCLE RUPERT (International Edition)
Dear Readers,
I want to let you know that a splendid edition of Uncle Rupert is just making its dramatic appearance, in Australia and around the world.
Uncle Rupert links in with other political, social and economic objectives that we share. For example, a front page excerpt from the book The Human Mirror, contains a call for a new vision, a new image, a new consciousness of self.
At the end of the book is a Call to Action by Victory Over Want (VOW). Here is an account of what VOW is all about and its importance in seeking - and, I hope, finding - a path to human cooperation, peaceful change and a more peaceful and prosperous world.
The Uncle Rupert story is lively, often amusing and sometimes bordering on fantasy; but it is also practical and offers ways in which a world of more equal opportunities and more equal enjoyment of life may be found.
The characters are not only curious, amusing, fascinating, but many of them have whimsical names that may sometimes - repeat, sometimes - conceal a real person. For example, who do you think might answer to the name of Sterling Bodger? No prizes are offered for giving the correct answer.
I hope you like Uncle Rupert and, if you do, please recommend it to your mates and family.
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"Those of us who grew up in the Great Depression knew a world in which almost all of us were poor and our future uncertain....let us now offer a more detailed analysis and more precise proposals on the ways in which we might proceed if we are to avoid tumbling into the 'multiple abyss.'"

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