Monday, November 06, 2006

"America's Suicidal Statecraft" 

Blogs are devices to enable bloggers to achieve their own narcissistic aggrandisement; but they do have incidental social, political, literary and even civilising purposes too.
They provide a link between the media and the individual, between information/intelligence and the individual, and they allow all sorts of ideas and notions, plus good and bad emotions to flow among individuals.They are perhaps one of the ultimates in networking in an ever larger and more intimate way.
Who am I talking to now? What do they know of me? What do they care about me? What do they care about what I have to say?Probably they won't give any of those questions even a moment's reflection - unless of course I say something that boosts their ego, that flatters the trivial quality of their thinking or pays them a dividend which they can put in their bank - any kind of bank, financial, ethical or fatuous.
Is that a curse on all blogs and bloggers?
Probably rather is it a stripping away of what conceals the reality of the soul of humanity wherever it is expressed. In newspapers...in other media ... in debates in the parliament ...in debates in the pub...wherever men and women gather and start to thump their tubs, flash headlights on their visions or stroke their own adorable narcissistic souls...

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